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Customizable store

Sell music and merch direct. Customize colors and graphics to fit with your own design.

Sell on Facebook

Sell or promote tracks and merch on Facebook. Fans can share the audio player in their feeds.

Sell or Exchange tracks

Sell for a fixed price or allow fans to exchange Likes, Tweets or emails for your tunes.

Sell Merch

CDs, Posters, T-Shirts... you can sell it all direct to your fans. Set your own shipping costs.

Offer Mp3 & Lossless formats

Fans can get tracks in high quality MP3 or lossless WAV format.

Name your price

Fans can buy music at the price they want to pay. Distribute your tracks with a minimum price.

Track Previews

Secure your tracks and give fans the ability to listen to a 60 second 'samples'.

Mobile & Tablet Ready

View your store on a mobile device and allow fans to buy/share instantly.


Keep a close eye on your store's activity with real-time stats. Add Google Analytics for more analysis.

Custom Domains

Use your own domain to give your store a custom URL.

Chart Reporting

VibeDeck will submit your sales to SoundScan every Monday.

Bonus Items

Add PDF booklets, movies or anything else you'd like to give away with your digital release.


Allow fans to pre-order your releases and select which tracks are available to preview.

Downloads with Merch

Include immediate download of digital releases with merch purchases.

Sell in many currencies

If PayPal supports it, then you can sell in it.


Add releases to any website using one of the VibeDeck widgets.


Do you take a cut?

No, but Paypal might take a small % of each sale.

How do I pay for my store?

Via PayPal subscriptions.
Pay with a credit card, bank account or from your PayPal balance. Upgrade/Cancel at any time.

Payment processing fees?

PayPal will deduct the usual small commission for each paid transaction.

Download limits?

You get 100 release download credits included each month. Extra credits are then charged between $0.01 & $0.03 each. Simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your answer here, ask us.

Q: I'm an artist/band/label - why should I use VibeDeck?
A: You can make more money by cutting out the middle man, the app has loads of features, it's super easy to use and looks great. Simple.

Q: I/We already have an official site, can I still use VibeDeck?
A: Sure, you can either make your VibeDeck page look like your own official site and link to it, set up a custom domain or embed a VibeDeck widget within in.

Q: You guys don't have [insert your essential feature here], what's up with that?
A: If you think we're missing something, then let us know.

Q: What limitations are there?
A: There's an upload size limit of 250mb on bonus material. Music releases are limited to 40 tracks each.

Q: What's with the download limits?
A: There are costs involved to host your files and stream tunes to fans.
We bundle 100 downloads per month with each account and then have to charge a tiny amount per release download to cover these costs.

Q: What's about tax?
A: It's your responsibility to charge the appropriate tax on your sales.

Q: Where can I get help, log a bug or send you guys some love or feedback?
A: Over here.