Binod katuwal

Binod katuwal
Bansuri (Music Album)
by Binod katuwal
Release Title: Bansuri (Music Album)
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1 Dec 2011
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Track number Title Duration Order
  1. Magic Sound Of Kathmandu By Binod Katuwal, Bansuri Flute From Nepal. 5:54
  2. Mayanamare 5:46
  3. Madal 6:26
  4. Dhum Dhum Tanana 6:58
  5. Horia Drum and Bass Bansuri flute fusion By Binod katuwal Nepal. 7:29
  6. Bariko Dilma 6:16
  7. Didgeridoo Jam 4:54
  8. Resham firiri 7:45
  9. Asare maina 6:36
  10. Gayatree, Binod katuwal on flute and voice with Eric nagel and mark lupescu kora 5:34
  11. Relaxing flute solo (Binod Katuwal) 6:02
About this release:

Binod katuwal is Musician from Nepal, Kathmandu, living in Barcelona Spain,playing indian (Nepali) bamboo flute called Bansuri. He plays djembe and didgeridoo as well. He is mostly into fusion music, with many years of experience of being professional musician and working with musicians arround the world.

In this album (Bansuri) Binod is playing - Bamboo flute - djembe - Didgeridoo - Jews harp and singing in different songs.

visit Binod´s website
email - binodkatuwal@hotmail.com
video -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7puBCRI2Bc

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