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Welcome to the Biotic Records Music Store. This is where you can purchase our latest releases, all available to download as high quality 320kbps mp3s.

COMING SOON: The entire Biotic and XXX back catalogue. We'll also be continually updating the store with limited editions, free downloads and previously unreleased material. To receive automatic, instant updates on all of the above, follow us on Soundcloud or Facebook.

Biotic have been producing sci-fi drum and bass for over 10 years now. Initially conceived back in the day when dark rolling breakbeats and filthy subs were first pounding London's underground, the Biotic love for the scene is as strong as ever. Producers Facs, Scythe and Fon continue to bring forth their conceptual take on breakbeat with the Biotic sound; sharp beats, elastic basslines, uncompromising and unworldly.