About CA1

John Koah is a singer-songwriter and performer currently residing in Hermosa Beach, California. He performs regularly in the Los Angeles area and his music is retro, 70's inspired, and he usually performs solo.

He says most of his songs have a positive message and talk about finding a new direction in life. While not intentional, it aptly reflects his state of mind. 

''The lyrics always tell you something about the songwriter,'' he says.

''I think that it’s reminiscent of ‘70s rock, and if you like that sort of thing, you’ll like it. If you like guitar playing, you’ll like it. And if you like music that has good lyrics, good melody and good vibrations, you’ll like it.''

John Koah has an ear to the past and he's not afraid to say it. Heavily inspired by Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton and others, he says: ''The 70's were a great time for music. My original music is probably inspired by that era and the covers I choose are usually from artists of that decade.''

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