About CaliChakra

We are take Your Yoga Experience to a whole new level of Chakra activation with Live DJ's and a musical ensemble with keys, guitars, and instruments you’ve never seen before, all synchronized into progressive chakra arrangements to scientifically raise your vibration.

With the help of Tantric Yogini and Creator of Hip Hop Tantra Yoga Maria Sirriya guiding the crowd through hypnotic Yoga, Dance and Ritual Experiences, any audience is guaranteed to experience an inner awakening of their transformative powers and access pure power to experience the ecstasy of freedom.

The music offered here is created by CaliChakra and performed at our events, to complement their corresponding yoga postures, for the purposes of blowing your lid off!

CaliChakra is a world traveling band from California that came together to fuze their multi-instrumentalist skills and create real chakra music that gets the crowd high from the inside out so that they transform fast in their soul's direction.

So expect to have fun and leave anchored in your truth thanks to this ridiculous design of originality, sophistication, and five-star musical talent.

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