Dave Hammer's Power Supply

Dave Hammer's Power Supply

About Dave Hammer's Power Supply

Hailing from Akron, Ohio, this power trio is simply a rock band done right. Their sound comes close to a bluesier version of the Flaming Lips with some funky sauce on top. 

You might be caught off guard when guitarist/singer and namesake DAVE HAMMER interrupts himself mid-phrase with an unruly guitar lick. The sound is continually evolving, constantly heading for a new point of arrival, bringing a simmering organic feel to the music. It will certainly take you for a ride.

However, they’re not aimlessly jamming. They’re spinning their own delicious web of soulfully eclectic, jazz-infused, progressive blues. You can hear this new sound on the band's latest release titled Aht Uh Yo Hed. It is available on cdbaby, itunes, and directly through the artist on their website, Davehammerspowersupply.com.