David González

David González

About David González

Born December 29, 1981 in the capital of Spain Madrid, where he still lives occasionally.
Of humble origin and self taught from childhood musically.
Began creating his own compositions and mixtures at the early age of 10 years,
helping to do a dual cassette deck, a small organ and recorder.
Development as he grew his own musical style and introduced progressively
more elements and musical instruments in his compositions, such as
The electric guitar, the Guzheng, Chinese violin or the bamboo flute and many others.
Thus, not without many difficulties
term by generating their own musical culture
well as its hallmark.
Which we can still appreciate to present day
in every one of his compositions.

- David Gonzalez -
Composer and Music Producer

*D' Monick*
- The legend -
Legend has it that when David González
Electronic start creating music, or leaves his studio
and climbs on his twin Quadrifoglio for a Show ...
They say that at some unknown time of the day,
David suddenly leaves his body to return back to their home,
and it is at that moment when D 'Monick it makes its appearance.
Taking over the body and mind of David.
Some strange metamorphosis species is then generated
that alters the mind and judgment of David,
and immediately is
D 'Monick who takes control of the situation...
But they also say they never come alone,
although it is also true that many other things have...
But what if this really clear is that when D 'Monick comes into action ...
Nobody can imagine what may happen next, not even the.

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