Docta P.

About Docta P.

- Started Production Quest May 2010 -

** Hear my production for free (genre sets) @ ** http://soundcloud.com/docta-p **

Suffering Chronic Pain, striving to keep up with things, striving so he can learn more and get fully fluent with daws in order to create and arrange ideas in different ways, shapes and forms

Open minded head under restrictions for too long...

Originally learnt music theory, rythm and singing which was taught at music school in France.
Nine years together amongst strict music school teachers who also trained and supported him playing classical on the keys for 7 years.
High standards and expectations got him mentally exhausted and fed up...

He stopped with music school whilst carrying on with sports, BasketBall training, skateboarding, and later on studying for that french A level.. :(

Throughout the years the wide artist immersed within various musical genres.
Unfortunately for so long the only 'devices' to perform common tasks such as rearranging, sampling, looping and 'visualizing' tracks were his brain, voice, keys or anything usable to create rythm and sounds.

His ex-musician dad not that enthusiastic about his affinities and tastes for rather full on or too 'direct' music, he mostly expressed in the dark..

Fairly free both of mind and movement, he slowly gained access to better software and equipment, hence after so long he finally started dedicating, once again, at creating drum patterns and melodies.

His desired and expected outcomes from his own work are to achieve creation of world-widely inspired productions within wide musical scope, and to a certain standard...

Believing into consistency, better time management(.. ..), open-minded state(..), self-awareness, inner-discovery, respect of the other and knowledge transmission... his quest started way back.

Regardless obstacles and negative energies, he keeps integrity, perseverance and diversity in this present life of his, carrying on his own path....

** Hear my production work, sketches and previews, for free, @ ** http://soundcloud.com/docta-p/tracks **