From where I sit inside myself music is a living thing. It is the voice the molecules take to remind us of our place in Creation. It breathes as we breathe, blows to excite our ears when the wind moves. It is everywhere – in everything.

IOSND, pronounced "I OH Sun" is Aio's Sound as it is given by Spirit.

This sound when combined with "directed love"/intent is capable of opening the channels for change to effect the external landscapes in the life of the willing by rearranging perhaps even removing the rocks in the garden of the heart.

IOSND is the stories of the things seen, felt, and learned, condensed and encapsulated into wave form and even Spoken Word that the moment might remain to live again – uplifted.

The Healing occurs when conscious alignment to the will of God for that moment and for the listener is the priority.

My great desire is that you travel as you listen, Soundscape becoming "Innerscape" with images moving, shifting, revealing; painting themselves into your personal library of experience to draw upon when needed.

Do not hesitate to bring your luggage with you. You may find your basket lighter when you leave if you – LISTEN WITH INTENT