joel Karabo elliott

joel Karabo elliott

About joel Karabo elliott

I'm a farmer-artist-lover with little ambition to be anything more or less. Born in Kansas and raised in Indiana in the USA, I studied history and jazz in university and then I worked in the field of education reform in Washington D.C. Jazz music and historical awareness wrenched me from living a mere prelude to life and into actually manifesting a life of creativity. Still, I felt I need to till more ancient soil...

Since moving to South Africa five years ago, I've lived in a rural village in GaMphahlele LImpopo, where I became Karabo. I've helped build up two rural community development projects, one which cultivates and distributes moringa trees, another which brings artistic, intellectual and heritage-based empowerment to children and youth in village communities.

I am a founding member of Stone Aged Souls, an arts ensemble exploring musical-visual-poetic synthesis and re-imagining humanity's relationship to history. I produce and perform my own music and also occasionally perform with unique musical groups, like The Brother Moves On and Nancy G & The Human Family. I sing, compose, play guitar, trombone, piano and various percussion.