About K1NG

Growing up the youngest of four children gave Ben the opportunity to observe his oldest brother and his passion for music. Being in an environment that was always creative and energetic inspired him to explore poetry and writing which eventually led to recording his own music.
Creating and recording his music started out as a hobby with his brother when he was about 10 years old. The positive reaction from his friends and family encouraged him to take it further. “I feed off of the applause and the positive words from the people who hear my sound”, Ben “K1NG” says. Nothing is more exciting to him than when he is asked to play his music. All of these things are what keeps him inspired.
“ I like to express myself in a hip hop style that my fans can relate to”, he says. He feels he is similar to Drake and Mac Miller. His values, family and events that have shaped him, and love are topics that never seem to grow old or boring. “We can always learn by other’s experiences and that is what I like to convey in my songs”, he says.
“I am blessed with the love and support of my family. Their involvement with my career is so important to me and I am so grateful that they take me as seriously as I take myself. Because of them and my growing fan base I can easily take this to the top”, says Ben “K1NG” James.
General Manager