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Keith Pole has assembled an impressive compendium of music over the last 24 plus years. Pole knows how to make a record successful and continues in this tradition with his album release "Going To De Island". Do pay attention to this sure-to-be hit album that includes a diversity of genres which reflect his musical experiences.....

"My Soul" Charles McDougald/Koffee/Keith Pole..Roxy Group, January 2012

" Sting Me"/ You're Starring" Rainbow/Powerhouse 2012 (Re-release)
(Division of Polygram)

“My Soul” Macjam Records 2012

“Come On Home” Music International Records 2012

" Going To De Island " Music International Records 2009
(13 Tracks)

" Love of Jah " JAM Records 1997

" Hello Stranger " JoJo Records 1996

" Back Up " JoJo Records 1995

"Wind You" JoJo Records 1995

" Fulfill Your Fantasy" Supertronics 1985

" Sting Me"/ You're Starring" Rainbow/Powerhouse 1984
(Division of Polygram)