About KEN L

Ken L. was born and raised in West Covina, California. He began his road toward his music career at a young age. He developed an image for himself by performing in several talent shows which helped further his craft in music, dance and acting. Music became the focus of his goals.

Ken L. began producing music in 1996 with the purchase of his very first professional keyboard. It took him awhile to understand the abilities of this instrument (sequencing and arranging of the songs) but once he began to learn its potential, then Ken L. discovered his own potential.

The creation of a new style of music was born. The sound wasn’t familiar but the excitement and focus on him almost emerged at the same time. He knew there were no boundaries to what he could do. Ken L. brought a new form of hip-hop to the world. His newest single “What U Wanna Do” proved that.

“What U Wanna Do” is the lead single off of his yet to be titled CD. It has a hard hip hop beat, great catchy lyrics, a quick, in-your-face tempo that makes your heart pump. It is a definite club song. You can lose weight just dancing to this one. It also represents a new beginning for Ken L. by taking a chance on his sound and was successful.

Ken L. focuses on creating the best music he can create. His music is uplifting, particularly to women. “For every beautiful woman, I have a beautiful thought”, states Ken L.

Prior to this current untitled CD, Ken L. has released “Can’t Hardly Wait”, the EP.

You can listen to and/or purchase Ken L.’s music by logging onto the following websites: