About kickheadz

begun as a tiny lil boy by searching "the sound" so he climbed into an upright piano, looking for where it comes from.
opened his parents speakers, researched tapes/vinyl discs by kids microscope and listening. his early fascination for get pushed up when he touched the first time a synthesizer; outright he was addicted, stayed night and day by experiments and trying to understand music and sound physical, workflow, sound organics, combinations, arrangement, mechanix, recording, fx, multisampling, highdefinition, ..., etc, etc......
till today he's trying as much as he can to understand more details and intensety into electronic music.
he search long time to get further understandings to arrange different electronically sounds, looking for laws to get the results realized like in his mind.

started his first acts as a teenager with school friends, played with drumcomputer, tb303, mc202 monopoly, 909.
to get more deep into musics organic he built a first thing like a studio at the age of 17.
till than played live with musicians at techno and electronic house partys at suizerland, france and austria,
STICED, G.E.N. Project, LAD, the P.N.P. Project, Amnesia Experiment where acts he played with, did some dj gigs, but he always love more music production or acts by playing live.

at the age of 21 he designed and builded with audiodope a music studio at the centre of Berne town (SUI). this is the begin of kickheadz, and a more intense kind of production, sound design and other musically experiences.
now all sounds used in tracks / loops, etc... where done by him or people working with audiodope
well, no one of us is better in doing other things than what we are doing, always... ;-)

kick tha headz / Dub the House
-music for a better world!!!