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Kristy Lynn

About Kristy Lynn

Hi! I'm Kristy Lynn! I've been in this world for 26 years and all I've ever wanted to do was sing and dance. My mom, Kathy, put me in dance class when I was two, my cousin wouldn't stay in the room without me, thanks Nicole, and I haven't stopped since. I would sing any chance I got. All over the house, in the yard, in the woods. Our neighbors always said they could hear me. Oops!
          I was born and raised in Hamden, Connecticut and it will always be my home. Some of my favorite memories are weekend dance competitions with my Mom, and having Wentworth's Ice Cream on a Sunday after hiking Sleeping Giant Mountain. My comfort, (now that I'm not scared) is watching thunderstorms on the porch with my Daddy, Steve, and running around the yard with my brothers, Matt and Steven, in the rain. My brothers and I are very close, I love them both with my life.

           I love everything pink, sparkly, and girly! I am a hopeless romantic, and I love love. Who doesn't? To love and to be loved is the most amazing feeling in the world, and to be hurt is a part of life. Where else would all the most fabulously devastating music come from?

          My sign is Cancer. My favorite place is the beach and I am in love with the ocean. It brings me peace in this crazy world! Speaking of crazy, I live in New York City, and LOVE it. Always have, and always will. There's something magical about it. I love live theater. Musicals. I've wanted to be on Broadway since I was five. There is absolutely nothing like it in the world. I have been privileged to work with such wonderful people in the Broadway community and I love them all. They are my family for life!

          As much as I've always wanted to be on the Great White Way, which is still a huge goal of mine, I've always wanted to be a recording artist! I live for music. It moves every part of my life. I will admit, I did not grow up listening to country music. I am a classic rock girl! 80's hair bands YEAH! Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Pat Benetar, Guns and Roses rocked my world growing up. Michael Jackson was my biggest inspiration, he will always be the King. He died on my birthday, It was a terrible day to turn 23!! I also grew up looking up to the pop princess Britney Spears. But country, there's something different and unique about it. Storytelling at its best. It's the most interesting and biggest genre out there! I fell in love with it!

            So how did this all come to be? A charity. The House of Heroes. My dad and his close friend Bill started Connecticut's own chapter. We love our Veterans. My grandpa, John F. Bombace, was in WWII. He was an amazing man. House of Heroes is an organization that helps veterans repair and maintain their homes. Through the organization I met the very talented Nashville recording artist, songwriter and producer Tim Maggart. He wrote the theme song for House of Heroes. It's a brilliant tear jerking song!!!  We performed in a fundraiser together and the next thing I know I am down in Nashville recording my first EP! Tim has taken me under his wing and I am so thankful. I can't wait for you to hear my songs!!!! "I'll Take the Country" will be dropped August 10th! Thanks for reading!!!

Hugs and Sparkles,
                                   Kristy Lynn