Lance Keltner

Lance Keltner - Lance Keltner 80's collection. - Artwork Image
Lance Keltner 80's collection.
by Lance Keltner
Release Title: Lance Keltner 80's collection.
Format: MP3
Content: 10 Instant Digital Downloads
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Minimum price: USD $4.00

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Track number Title Duration
  1. You Ought Know 4:30
  2. I'm Dangerous 5:03
  3. Lights Along the Way 3:35
  4. Trouble Rides a Fast horse 4:48
  5. Call Of The Wild 4:19
  6. Physical Resistance 3:35
  7. Girls Like You 3:05
  8. Midnight In Manhattan 3:39
  9. Dear Caroline 3:46
  10. I'd Be Cryin' 4:21
About this release:

Well Guys..
Here it is. The unreleased record that started this mess.
I am putting it up for download at a minimum price of $4.00. I will of course accept more. :)

Just listening to these tracks brings back so many wonderful.. and terrible memories.
Some of you were involved in both :)

Much love to you all,


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