About LilSalty

Lil Salty was originaly born in Ogden Utah. He began writing music in 3rd grade. Raised by a single mom who worked three jobs gave Lil Salty more than enough slack to get in his fair share of trouble. Lil Salty say's whether being shot at, stabbed, pending a trial on Ice or just trying to stay positve is a challenge he's expeirenced which has opened his eyes to becoming a more grateful, patient, responcible,& loving person, giving & aware. Lil Salty composes his own beats, engineers his own sound, writes his own lyrics and performs his own music. Lil salty is not a roll model! Lil Salty is a lesson for other to learn from. Lol! Lil Salty has done dirt that he chooses to elaborate only through his music by turning raw emotion into a masterpeice . Lil Salty is taking the perogative to move forward from the gutta lifestyle and enlighten the youth through a journey of genuine struggle, pain, poverty, and passion for the music, leading his fans on a road with no boundaries.