Mike Bauer

Mike Bauer

About Mike Bauer

Music has always been my heart…

My biological father was an incredible vocalist. My grandfather tapped and sang on the Lawrence Welk Show in the 50's. My sister is a remarkable professional cellist. Music has been a part of my life forever. So it was, by happenstance and by being surrounded by incredibly talented individuals, that I spent my life singing and fiddling with trumpet, guitar, bass, and piano. That’s my heart.

However, education was important for my mind…

My mother raised two kids on 18k a year. My sister and I are both first generation college graduates. In four months, I will be the first person in my family to graduate from law school. My inspiration for the J.D. was my mother. I wanted to go to law school so I could become an advocate for victims. That’s my mind.

Getting the mind and heart to co-exist has always been my personal challenge. I do not want to be a bland attorney who dies of a heart attack from stress at 45, and I do not want to be a struggling musician trying to “make it” at 35. So how does one reconcile these diverse interests? One of my life-long goals has been to record an album.

My plan is to first release a four song EP, followed up by a full-length LP album of ten or more songs. I'm calling it "Financial Aid." Why not use my heart to try and repay some of the debt the education of my mind has racked up?!?

I am a dreamer and a doer. I am a musician at heart for my father and a soon to be lawyer at mind for my mother. As for myself, I refuse to settle for just one.