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I can picture a couple of these tunes spinning on FM radio stations and college radio around the globe with 'Hold On' being the most obvious of the lot. 'Light Your Eyes', 'Sleepwalker' and 'Here We Stand' are also very high quality tunes that should gain a wider recognition. - MyGlobalMind.com
Dark, heavy, moving, hard-rock collides with memorable melodies and a touch of progressive rock to create a powerful sound that will appeal especially to fans of 10 Years, A Perfect Circle, Breaking Benjamin, and more.

Spirit In The Machine, the first full length album by the Milwaukee four-piece band Modern Echo, covers a kaleidoscope of emotions. “It was a very intense album to make,” offers vocalist Jonathan Schweiger. “Many of the tracks have light at the end of the tunnel lyrically, but some are more bittersweet. All of the change and upheaval in our lives before this record played a big part in the creative process.” The band chose Skillet guitarist Ben Kasica's studio Skies Fall to handle the recording of the album.

From the complex, distorted guitar riffs and brutal drums in songs like “Sleepwalker” and “Light Your Eyes”, to the more subdued and nuanced ‘Hold On’ and ‘Spirit In The Machine’, the band proves itself worthy of any hard rock band in the genre. However, amongst all the musical chaos is the powerful, melodic voice of vocalist Jonathan Schweiger. Schweiger’s unique vocal styling lends the band its own sound, very different from the stereotypical rock voice. The combination infuses a rare balance of beauty and power that is unique to the band.

Modern Echo is a band that walks the fine line between aggression and melody, between intensity and nuance. “We're all pretty different as musicians and people, but early on it was clear we were on to something special. It's those differences in personality and past experiences that can actually bring people together. For us, it helped power a diverse record full of music and lyrics we knew people would relate to,” states guitarist Michael Joseph.

And that is what memorable bands are all about.