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Money Malc

About Money Malc

It’s no wonder rising rapper Money Malc decided on the name Overqualified for his forthcoming debut album on Motown/Universal Records. He counts The Notorious B.I.G., Fabolous and Jay-Z as his main influences. His early supporters included DJ Khaled and K. Foxx, and has already worked with Wyclef Jean, DJ Irie and DJ Mick Boogie.

“A lot of rappers, some of their music is too tough or too explicit or derogatory towards women,” the Elizabeth, New Jersey native says. “Mine may include a little bit of it all, but at the end of the day, it's more of an inspirational type of talk. It might sound like, ‘Oh, he’s just bragging,’ but it’s really just showing you that things aren’t really as hard as you think if you apply yourself to it without giving up or letting somebody talk you out of your dreams.”

Money Malc’s confidence was instilled in him by his parents. Although Malc was primarily raised by his mother because his father was incarcerated, Malc’s father still made his presence known – whether it was through the phone.

Although Malc grew up surrounded with a prominent drug dealing element, he had his sights set on being something else: a rapper. Growing up near New York, Malc started pursuing his dream, recording material, performing locally and honing his craft. His rhymes were witty and his hustle was relentless, but after a number of his friends were either killed or incarcerated, Malc decided to relocate to Miami in order to reboot his life and his music career.

In Florida, Malc’s talen, hard work, determination and quality music led to a string of opportunities. He recorded a mixtape with DJ Khaled, worked with Cool & Dre and became a player on the burgeoning Miami rap scene. But after Malc felt as though he wasn’t making sufficient progress, decided to soon head home. The move finally provided the opportunity Malc was looking for.

He connected with his current manager Scott Love of Beatdown Industries, and later Danny Dominguez. Dominguez felt as though Malc had potential and started sending him beats. Not thinking the recordings would lead to much, Malc flipped them and impressing Dominguez. By the time Dominguez started having meetings about Malc, a bidding war started, and eventually chose Motown.

With such potent subject matter and Grammy-winning collaborators en tow, the time is right for Overqualified (Universal/Motown/Beatdown Industries), even if it was years in the making. “I feel more seasoned now,” Malc explains. “I just feel like every other thing I did was preparation for this project, just the delivery, the content. My dream is finally going to see the light of day."