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About Premier Records

In the past, music artists have “made it” by signing record contracts with labels who front money, employ the most expensive producers, managers, engineers, photographers, graphic artists, product replication, marketing, and distribution companies they could find. Then they charged the band back for that. Virtually every band ever signed to a major record label ceased to exist as a result, some owing tremendous amounts of money to the record companies despite making the label and those associated with it substantial amounts.

Premier Records (TM) does not work like that.

Premier Records (TM) will require no band to obligate themselves financially to them. Premier Records (TM) will not front or loan money, and will require no re-payment from a band or music artist. Bands/artists may use existing master recordings of their own if they already have them. Or, Premier Records (TM) can work exclusively with Musicians United International's service provider network, and the band or artist, to produce their recordings. Bands and artists are free to use whichever means they choose or can afford.

Music releases will be distributed through Premier Records (TM). Artists may retain publishing rights through their own publishing company or through Premier Records (TM) and publishing royalties will be ascertained accordingly. This is also the choice of the band or artist.

Support our Premier Artists by purchasing their music knowing that most all the money received goes directly to the artist to support their career.