Ruben Castro

About Ruben Castro

Ruben Castro is a 15 year old DJ/Producer from Tijuana, Mexico. The young man started music production with his mom's laptop. It was hard for him to make music with his mom's laptop , since the laptop was not optimized for music production. His dad did not support him until his attitude changed. Ruben Castro struggled at first with money and support. Today, his dad helps him with his equipment and supports him like never before.

How everything started :

Ruben Castro discovered a music production software called Fruity Loops also known as Fl Studio. His first songs were not that great , but he never gave up. He would spend 5-10 hours a day in his home recording studio. His home recording studio was not that big, since his mom did not have a lot of money. He was producing with Apple earphones and mixing with Skull candy earphones. Ruben Castro says " My mom does not have a lot of money , but one day I will pay her all the things she bought for me with hard work "