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Sampson Jones Gang

About Sampson Jones Gang

You may be thinking to yourself, "just who in the hell are these guys?" Well, the Sampson Jones Gang is a little country mixed with a little rock, which equals a lot of great music. The Sampson Jones Gang hails from Central Illinois and are making a name for themselves amongst the "red dirt" scene. "We love what artists such as Stoney LaRue, Mickey and the Motorcars, the Departed, and others among the "red dirt" scene are doing. It inspires us" says Dave Caughran, guitarist for Sampson Jones Gang.

During late 2012, the Sampson Jones Gang found themselves recording their debut 6 song EP, aptly titled, The Weekend Sixer. The EP is now currently in mixdown with an estimated release date of May 2013. The 6 songs were written over a 5 month period and reflect the influence of small town living, love, heartbreak, and the pitfalls that life sometimes offers us along the way. "We are way beyond trying to be "the next big thing"" says singer/songwriter Josh Jones. He also states, "our goal is to write good music for good people."

The Sampson Jones Gang really enjoys communicating with people via their live show. "We give 120% all the time" says Mike Wake, drummer for Sampson Jones Gang. You will rarely ever leave a Sampson Jones Gang live show not knowing what the band is about or where they come from. So, whether you are watching a YouTube video, listening to their upcoming EP, or catching one of their live shows, you can be very sure of one thing, "The Sampson Jones Gang writes songs from the heart.