Santina Giordano

About Santina Giordano

I am working on new music for my next album. Listen to the demo version of Star. More music to come!

My debut solo album, Life is My Favorite Thing, features 8 original songs, and a cover of House of the Rising Sun. Track 5, Full Moon Kiss, a romantic ballad sung in English and Italian, it was used in a Gossip Girl episode in 2010. I look forward to having more songs placed in film and television.

A few words about my background, I was born in Los Angeles to Sicilian parents….no, we are not in the Mafia and yes, they did open a pizza joint. Thankfully my parents had good musical taste. I absorbed a ton of great music singing with my mom in the kitchen while records blasted. Italian folk, rock and soul ranging from Adriano Celentano to Otis Reeding and The Beatles or as my mom would say, “The Bleetals.” There was a church two doors down from our pizza place which I attended daily because there was always free cake and group singing. Wow! That was heaven to 5 year old me. These early experiences really stoked the fire in my soul for music.

Flashing forward, I began writing songs by way of lyrics when I was 11 believe it or not I would rap and beatbox! My first instrument was the trumpet, which I took up in the 6th grade. I moved on to snare drum and choir in 7th and 8th. When I got to high school I took guitar and dropped out of choir because there was just too much practice and fund raising and I was far to Punk Rock for that. In guitar class Joey Maramba and I became fast friends evolving into a magical music partnership and the formation of HIDDEN. This band and partnership was pivotal to my development and I will always cherish Hidden. In 1996 Hidden “lived the dream” (we were huge fans, we all peed a little☺) of opening for the Creatures (Siouxsie Sioux and Budgie) for two shows in Los Angeles, at the House of Blues and at The Glaxy Theater in Santa Ana.
After a 10 year run, Hidden members, Santina Giordano, Joey Maramba on Bass. Frank Luis (princess Frank) on Drums, dis-banned in 2006