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Stash Sounds

About Stash Sounds

Stash Sounds is emcee DREW (Dope Rhymes Echo Worldwide), and DJ/producer Downstroke.

The duo have been friends for over 20 years, but have been recording as a group since 2007. DREW has a long history of rocking mics, as a member of the 5 man supercrew 35 Above, he supported acts like Mad Skillz, Boot Camp Clik and have made appearances on the legendary DJ 279 (Choice FM) and Tim Westwood (BBC Radio One) radio shows as well as a host of other internet radio shows. In 2000, he released the 12" EP 'Icemen'. 35 Above's performing resumé includes playing various legendary venues, including the Subterranea in London and the Harlem Apollo Theatre in NY, one of the few UK rap groups ever to do so.

Downstroke has been a hip hop obssesive since the mid 80's. He bought his first Technics in 1989, and began making beats in the mid 90's using a cheap rack mount sampler, an Atari ST and a pile of old records. As a DJ, Downstroke has supported acts like Souls of Mischief, Skinnyman, Sway, Kimanchi Sly and Jeru the Damaja.

As a group, Stash Sounds aim is to make undiluted classic sounding hip hop, where lyrical skills overrule empty boasts, and the beats retain the warmth of the golden era, without sounding stale and uninspired. The album Troubador Blues is a reflection of the experience of growing up immersed in hip hop culture in the UK, whilst retaining a uniquely honest and individual flavour.