About T-Soak

With extensive touring, recording, and producing backgrounds in the music genres of Jazz, Rock, Funk, and Gospel, T-Soak is here!! T-Soak is the renowned saxophonist and keyboardist Michael(T-Soak) Carter. T-Soak is a known favorite throughout the Pacific Northwest in the Gospel and Jazz circuits. I have play for years as a church keyboard/organist musician and I have open for BeBe & CeCe, Mighty Cloud of Joy, Bobby Jones to name a few. I was the first Musician for the G.M.W.A. Chapter of Seattle Washington. Over the year I have played for a lot of groups soloist and church’s. But my heart desire was to play my Sax. Well the time has come and I just want play sax from now on. (Will You Just Let Me Play?)

I have also decided to help others by giving 10% of all proceeds from my entire Project’s over the next 10 year to help in the fight against Cancer. You ask why? I’m glad you did. Over my life time I’ve had two brothers’ pass from cancer and my Wife father and Sister-In-Law is battling cancer as well and I want to do what I can to help “the fight for a cure” for this sickness.

This is why I have decided, to give 10% of all proceeds to the Cancer Research. I would like to rise as much as I can. The only way I can raise a large amount of money to make a real difference is the sale of my music and with your help. If you have ever had a loved one or friend, touch by this sickness then you know why it is so important to support Cancer Research.

Will you help me help other? I have downloaded some of my music for free and now I am asking you to go to http://vibedeck.com/t-soak and for $5.00 you can help make a difference for other!

Thank you for your support and time.