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National Grain - self titled (2006)
by National Grain
Release Title: National Grain - self titled (2006)
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Track number Title Duration
  1. Pretty Women Won't Give Me The Time Of Day 2:43
  2. City Lights 2:12
  3. Some Kind Of Devil 3:15
  4. Athens To New York 3:34
  5. Better Times 3:56
  6. High Country Twilight 2:58
  7. Why Don't You Ever Call Me On The Phone 3:36
  8. Kentucky & Tennessee 3:56
  9. Norfolk Southern Line 3:22
  10. Whiskey, Wine & Beer 2:56
  11. Milltown 4:24
  12. Virginia 4:51
About this release:

National Grain's 2006 self-titled debut is a classic mix of smoked pork, cold beer and, to borrow a song title, "High Country Twilight." What separates this band from so many others trying to capture the same sound is that National Grain is sincere...not satisfied with dabbling in a "sound" or "scene," Jeff Moore and company reside comfortably in that magical place where shuffling country music meets the best of rock n' roll. The album is a must-have for fans of Gram Parsons, the old 97s, the Jayhawks and telecasters.

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