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Happy (EP)
by Tedo Stone
Release Title: Happy (EP)
Format: MP3
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This Is American Music
21 Jan 2012
All rights reserved
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Track number Title Duration
  1. Cold Floor 4:02
  2. Eastwood 3:55
  3. I Want To Be Your Man 5:01
  4. Brand New 3:06
  5. Happy 5:24
  6. My Oh My 3:56
About this release:

Tedo Stone - Happy (Ep)

Atlanta, GA

“Tedo Stone’s music lies somewhere between The Jayhawks and Gram Parsons, and then heavily dosed with psychedelic fuzziness. With a perfect blend of old and new Happy is a fresh listen and a treat to the ears. Stone’s music is worth checking out, and is another great example of a thriving music scene here in Atlanta.”
– Chris Martin, Atlanta Music Examiner

Happy was produced by John Keane & Tedo Stone
Recorded & Mixed by John Keane at John Keane Studios
Artwork by Sarah Lindstedt
Design by Alex Smith

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Video of Tedo Stone - "Eastwood"

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