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Days Of Echo
by Bohannons
Release Title: Days Of Echo
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Track number Title Duration
  1. Six White Horses 3:01
  2. Axe To Grind 3:11
  3. Are You On Drugs 5:02
  4. Gramaw And Grampaw 2:38
  5. Tune In Tonite 2:24
  6. Waiting On My Turn 4:02
  7. Crown Vic Blues 3:36
About this release:

Bohannons - Days Of Echo

Great chemistry doesn’t come easy for a band, but when you hear it, you know. Whether it comes from almost ten years of playing together or from the familial bonds of the brothers at the helm, The Bohannons have it. Their latest release, Days of Echo, is a short but explosive record that showcases the diverse yet perfectly cohesive styles of brothers Marty and Matt Bohannon. Marty’s affinity for punky, raw aggressiveness is both different and seamlessly matched with Matt’s down-home, rootsy rockers. Days of Echo is an “all-in” effort for The Bohanons. Recorded in Chicago with sound wizard Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, Robert Plant) and mixed by Nashville’s Grammy-winning Vance Powell (Raconteurs), the record exemplifies greatness on both sides of the mixing board. Days of Echo is an explosion of sound from a band finding its stride. With another album in the works and a rapidly filling tour schedule, The Bohannons are making good on the promise of Days of Echo and winning fans with every show they play.

released 09 May 2011
MATT BOHANNON, lead guitar & vocals
MARTY BOHANNON, guitar & vocals
JON SPIEGEL, pedal steel
NICK STERCHI, percussion & reverb effects

Recorded by STEVE ALBINI at Electrical Audio, Chicago, IL.

Additional recording and mix by VANCE POWELL at Sputnik Sound, Nashville, TN

Mastered by DREW VANDENBERG at Chase Park Transduction, Athens, GA.

Assistant engineeres: MIKE PACK and MARK PETTICIA

SPECIAL THANKS TO: mike pack, stephen sowley, steve albini, vance powell, mark petticia, valiera feldman, adam brown, jimmy matt rowland, drew vandenberg, joey harvey, jenny brown and john shoemaker, steve smith, zac cooper, zach hobbs

All songs ©2010 BOHANNONS

Press for Days Of Echo :

Me My Mom And Steve Albini by Marty Bohannon via Captains Dead


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