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Moving On
by Lauderdale
Release Title: Moving On
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This Is American Music
16 Jul 2011
All rights reserved
MP3 instant download
Track number Title Duration
  1. Moving On 5:27
  2. Dressed Like The Devil 3:46
  3. The Grant 3:50
  4. Drink To Sleep 4:21
  5. Torn At The Seams 3:28
  6. Broken Man 4:52
  7. The Cost 6:01
  8. Stars Fell 4:00
  9. Big Fish 6:22
  10. At Night 7:28
  11. Into Your World 3:41
About this release:

Lauderdale - Moving On

A few years in the making, Moving On is the album that the Muscle Shoals-based band Lauderdale has been wanting to record. Originally formed as a 3-piece bar-room rock and roll band, Lauderdale has evolved into a 5-piece outfit with the ability to make full, lush-sounding records.

Niles Lee provides the songs for the band, but this is more of a “band record” than the self-titled release from 2007. Along with Lee and drummer Patrick McDonald, the addition of Ben Tanner on keys and Daniel Stoddard on pedal steel and lead guitar gave the band the ability to build upon the sound that was envisioned for the first album, but they were not able to achieve.

Lee’s songs about relationships, both romantic and paternal, provide the backbone of the record. On the surface, the opening song Moving On starts the album off with a song that is seemingly about love lost, a lost family member, and learning how to cope when in all actuality it’s about dealing with the demons staring back at you in the mirror. “The Grant” and “Big Fish” explore the relationship of a father and son and the stories that the dad passed down to him. “At Night” is the bands first real push into odd soundscapes and chaos, a departure from the norm for them.

Just a glimpse into the communal nature of the Shoals area music will reveal that Lauderdale members also perform with Dylan LeBlanc, Doc Dailey and Magnolia Devil, The Bear, Belle Adair, and The Pollies. This explains why Lauderdale has kept low key for the last year. That downtime gave Lauderdale the time to make the best record they could.

Lauderdale's newest record, "Moving On", is now available through itunes and amazon.com, or at www.thisisamericanmusic.com for just $5! Physical CD's can be purchased from www.cdbaby.com.

Moving On is also available on Vinyl and can be purchased exclusively from Pegasus Records in Florence, Alabama in-store or online at www.pegrecords.com.

Here's what others have had to say about Lauderdale's 'Moving On':

"Lauderdale plays well beyond their years in terms of taste and control. Some bands work forever to attain this level of maturity; some never do."

"Lauderdale’s Niles Lee has one of those rare voices that adds an extra layer of heartache, loneliness, and pain to whatever he sings."
-Common Folk Music

"If comparison is ncessary for the reader, they sound like a cross between Lucero and The Drive By Truckers, but they do not imitate. 'Dressed Like The Devil' flashes country brilliance in the pedal steel wrapped around the emotive lyrics."

"If this album is any indication of what’s to come these guys will be a ninebullets.net fixture from years to come as Moving On is one of the best albums to be released this year and I’m all too happy to dub it Essential Listening."

"This record immediately moved on to my top 10 list for the year and so far, I’m only about five songs deep into my first listen."
-Rebel Rod's - From Under the Basement

"I want to join the party. It’s indeed a wonderful americana album."
-One Chord To Another

"Dette er et album jeg ikke skal bruke veldig mange linjer på å fortelle hvorfor du skal kjøpe eller høre" ???
-No Deal Music

"as good an alt-country release as you’ll hear this year, the perfect amalgam of rock, country and Muscle Shoals magic topped off by having a perfect vocal outlet in Niles Lee, I’m sure this albums going to feature in a few end of year best of 2011 lists"
-Beat Surrender

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