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Translation Wave
by El Cantador
Release Title: Translation Wave
Format: MP3
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Mod Mobilian / This Is American Music
26 Feb 2013
All rights reserved
MP3 instant download
Track number Title Duration
  1. Black Sound 2:25
  2. My Way 3:56
  3. Ennui 3:04
  4. Particle and Wave 5:53
  5. Reynosa 3:20
  6. Pilgrims 5:03
About this release:

El Cantador - Translation Wave

cd + download - http://vibedeck.com/thisisamericanmusic/products/translation-wave-cd-download

El Cantador took residence at the Mary C. O'Keefe Cultural Center of Arts and Education in Ocean Springs, MS for a total of six days in May and September of 2012 to work on Translation Wave. With access to the building’s Scharr-Ello studio, performance arts room, and main theater the trio was once again free to explore their sound within high ceilings and stairwells in one of the coast's most richly and artistically diversified areas. Chris Staples (TwoThirtyEight, Discover America, Telekinesis) was invited in to engineer three of the EPs more percussion oriented tracks (BlackSound, Particle and Wave, Reynosa).

In this new collection of music we find a more intimate, cinematic, and sporadic group of songs. Translation Wave is an expression of how a band can morph and evolve from time on the road and turn to reflect on those experiences through instrumentation. Having already freed themselves of popular expectations on the previous album, El Cantador appears willing and able to take us anywhere at any time without notice. In the EP's first track, "BlackSound”, the listener is greeted by a sparse and intricately picked out acoustic guitar riff alongside Underwood's immediate foretelling to "Don't buy into most of my dreams/I'll make your head spin with my own disconnectivity" - lyrics which imply Underwood's satisfaction in playing with language and could serve to intimate the EP's darker hues and cathartic uplifts. Translation Wave proudly hums with a warmth and rawness akin to older classic albums you might find in your local record bin.

Produced by El Cantador

Tracks 1, 4, and 5 recorded by Chris Staples
Tracks 2, 3, and 6 recorded by El Cantador

Mixed by Alex Scharr and Sean Murphy

Recorded May 31st-June 2nd and August 17th-19th, 2012 in Ocean Springs, MS

Mastered January 22nd, 2013 by Bill Roberts

All songs written and performed by El Cantador

All lyrics by Heath Underwood
(Except "Ennui," written by Heath Underwood and Lesley Smith Jones)

Design and layout by Richard Humphreys at Dog On Fire

Sean Murphy: Drums/Percussion
Alex Scharr: Bass/Piano/Synths/Vocals
Heath Underwood: Guitar/Vocals/Electric Piano on "Ennui"


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