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by The District Attorneys
Release Title: Slowburner
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This Is American Music
24 Apr 2012
All rights reserved
MP3 instant download
Track number Title Duration
  1. Slowburner 2:50
  2. Madison Row 2:42
  3. Confusion of Trust 3:03
  4. Worry About Your Health 4:21
  5. Cherry Glow 3:49
  6. California Fire 4:01
  7. Here's Your Star 4:07
  8. I Can't Make The Distance, You'll Have To Meet Me Halfway 3:37
  9. The End 4:25
  10. Far Past The Point Of Resolve 4:06
  11. Boomtown 3:07
  12. Marmalade 3:37
About this release:

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The District Attorneys - Slowburner

Slowburner - Newly minted 2012 Flagpole / Athens Music Award winner for Athens Band of The Year and ALBUM of The Year and Album art....

Slowburner was recorded by Drew Vandenberg (The Whigs, Patterson Hood, Deerhunter, Futurebirds) at Chase Park Transduction in Athens, GA. The super hooky Slowburner (the title track) kicks off the record and leads the listener down a path that is fueled by the atmospheric punk rock of "Madison Row", the anthemic first single "Confusion of Trust", the dramatic "California Fire" and "The End". The album closes with the horn driven "Boomtown" and the youthful glaze of "Marmalade".

The District Attorneys are:
Drew Beskin - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard.
Chris Wilson - Drums, Backing Vocals
Frank Keith IV - Bass, Backing Vocals
T.J. Mimbs - Vocals, Keyboard, Guitar
Walker Beard - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Keyboard

Press for The District Attorneys -
Songwriters Drew Beskin and T.J. Mimbs bring different perspectives to their band’s unified sound, which helps to make things sound even fresher. This is a confident record, and deservedly so. The District Attorneys have put together something pretty special here. -- Pop Matters

We made mention of how much we missed old My Morning Jacket. As if it were some sort of call to the heavens, the gods of southern rock must have heard my beckon cry, and responded kindly this morning with The District Attorneys.
-- Quit Mumbling

The support and energy surrounding this group is reminiscent of early Drive-By Truckers fanfare—a good sign for their future. In fact, after a debut full length like Slowburner, it would be hard to fade into the background. -- Flagpole

Nothing makes me prouder to say I am from Atlanta then to watch a band I have know from infancy grow into a force.
-- Atlanta Music Guide (Eileen Tilson)

Slowburner is a damn catchy record, probably the catchiest I have heard all year, but its definitely not a one listen then forget about kinda record, its a listen and “oh shit I didn't catch that the first, second, third time around” kind of record. best of 2012? You betcha! -- Captains Dead

Slowburner has got all the requisite flourishes that you expect from MMJ . Lead singer Drew Beskin really channels his inner Yim Yames on this and delivers. The District Attorneys’ previous EP’s showed promise, but I didn’t anticipate them putting out an album of this quality. -- Hear Ya

Slowburner is a damn fine album, and--as a debut--a remarkably mature and consistent album. -- When You Motor Away

The DAs have shared the stage with:
Fountains of Wayne, Jesse Malin and the St Marks Social, Jason Isbell, The Whigs, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Futurebirds, The Arkells, Jonny Corndawg, Centro-matic, The Love Language, The Growlers, Modern Skirts, The Elected, Tristen, The Henry Clay People, Glossary, David Barbe & the Quickhooks, Hardy Morris of Dead Confederate and many more.

DAs on the web - http://thedasmusic.com/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/thedistrictattorneys
Twitter - https://twitter.com/#!/DAsnotfound

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