Uncivil Servant

Uncivil Servant
I'd Love to change the World (Instrumental)
by Uncivil Servant
Release Title: I'd Love to change the World (Instrumental)
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8 Jan 2013
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Track number Title Duration
  1. I'd love to change the World (Instrumental) 3:27
About this release:

Instrumental inspired by the 1960's classic "I'd love to Change the World" originally recorded by Ten Years After and written by Alvin Lee/Chrysalis Music Catalog. Used by permission under license.

Jeremy Price - Acoustic and Electric Guitars,Bass,drum arrangements
Recorded and Produced by Jeremy Price
Mastered by John Williams

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    About Uncivil Servant

    Uncivil Servant" is a dark, melodic, groove metal band based out of Santa Cruz, CA , USA. The band has a modern original sound with heavy influences from classic Rock and Metal bands such as: Metallica, Iron maiden, Black Sabbath/Ozzy, Pantera, Deep Purple. Influences of newer bands such as Disturbed, System of a Down, Tool, and Slipnot are also very apparent along with some elements of the melodic Black and Power Metal bands out of Europe.

    Currently, Uncivil Servant consists of founding member Jeremy Price providing vocals, guitar + bass, with Louis Cypher on drums (and unspeakable evil). Even though the band has only been in existence since July 2012, they have quickly developed a worldwide following of more than 10,000 ! Uncivil Servant have released three singles (Blackest Hold" on 9/7/2012, "Open Your Eyes" on 9/15/2012, and 'Lies Beneath" on 11/23/2012). The band continues to write and record new material, as well as seek additional talent. Uncivil Servant plans to release an EP in early 2013.

    Band member projects from the past include: Relic, Etched in Stone, Requiem Mass, Madman Cometh (Ozzy/Sabbath Tribute), Children of the Grave (Sabbath Tribute).