About WarSyntaire

11-23-2012 update: the Mastering of CD tracks is finally in process 8 songs now uploaded here! we'll be swapping out the rest with much improved professionally produced & mastered audio files \m/\m/ can't wait ! thx 4 putting up w\these less than perfeect versions!
WarSyntaire is a new fast growing Modern Industrial Metal Band from Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA
Founded by Rory Sentieri a Song Writer, Lead Guitarist, Bassist, Music Programmer, Producer with over 20 years of writing, playing & performing experience. He has played Concert events with many well known bands like Type O Negative, Megadeath, Six inches of Blood. HateBreed, Blackout Superstars and many more with his former band that he founded Caveman's Fire that he has recently retired to focus on the WarSyntaire modern music project to increase his reach to a larger fanbase. Official Debut Solo Release. an "Instrumental Battlefield" showcasing his wide variety of musical styles is on schedule for a Winter 2012 Release.
Some of the tracks can be heard here..Krank'em & or Download'em today before the official release here...

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